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What Does Your Body Need to Heal Itself?

Finding the root, uncovering the 'why,' and co-creating intuitive solutions- step by step.

The goal is longevity and long-term potentiation; to cultivate and grow our potential, reclaim athletic ability, and live pain-free.
Your unique journey brought you to this point. Together we work on developing a comprehensive, engaging, and dynamic path towards health and wellness.

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Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

A deep dive into finding your "Why," purpose, and path through: physical, introspective, and relationship-based practices. 
Clearing space and energetic clutter to be able to see and FEEL the vision you are creating for yourself.

We have layers and layers of patterns that constitute our way of perceiving the world. They all served particular purposes AT PARTICULAR TIMES. Working together we are better able to see the mechanics that drive us; unpacking old habits, visualizing new spaces, and creating new foundations is where we head next!


Yoga, Functional Movement, Strength, & Therapeutics

Develop Fluid Strength, Flexibility, and Resiliency.

These are the tangible daily actionable steps that progressively construct your kingdom/queendom brick by brick.

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Holistic Nutrition & Ayurveda

Individualized Nutrition Assessment, Guidance, and Programming

Honoring your unique needs we tailor a nutritional profile to YOU, based on where you are at NOW, and where you would like to be. Shifting incrementally, we gradually align the body with what best suits its needs, and nourish the spirit with what foods we naturally gravitate towards.


Wellness Retreats

Therapeutic Immersions in Yoga, Functional Movement, Meditation, Breathwork, and Revitalizing Nutrition.

The deep dive into an immersive experience of my synergistic practices.

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Wil L.

I worked with Benjamin for over a year and a half and had an amazing time and learned so much from him. He takes principles from such a wide variety of his own experiences and you can really tell that in the way that he teaches and mentors. His holistic approach is really refreshing for someone who only really understood the basics of health principles. We incorporated weight lifting, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, nutrition- all of that was incorporated in our training- it left me with a lasting impression and framework for standards that I still practice to this day and I'm super thankful for my time with him."


Seattle, WA, 98109

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