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About Me

Wholehearted Commitment

Benjamin Mills is a multi-talented health coach, model, actor, musician, and nature enthusiast.

Wild-spirited and open-hearted, Benjamin’s goal is to inspire others to live at their highest potential; break through preconceived limitations and own their unique, dynamic, and powerful lives.

He has been guiding people’s transformations for the past 8 years, everyone from injured elderly recovering from surgeries, retired professional baseball players, high-profile executives, marines, teens, and everyone in between. Understanding that everyone has unique and different needs, drawing from his diverse background, Benjamin creates comprehensive practices that tailor to the particular areas that are imbalanced in each person’s life.

Benjamin’s work has brought him across the globe and onto the screen, having worked as a guide on TBS’s The Lost Resort, which is now streaming on HBOMAX.

A functional movement expert, master trainer, breathwork coach, yoga therapist, massage therapist, and holistic integrative nutrition coach (among other practices), Benjamin practices what he preaches and is constantly evolving his areas of discipline and study.

Greeting people with empathy and understanding is Benjamin’s strong-suit. Having lost many hundreds of pounds, recovered from multiple near death experiences, and actively rewired his brain through years of meditation, spiritual practices and lifestyle modifications, Benjamin has a capacity to hear and hold space for what is going on in the live’s of his clients.

From his own journey of self-discovery and developing and coming into his own powerful-purpose, he works to cultivate the practices and strengths needed in each of his clients to allow themselves to heal and expand their potential.

A strong belief in the ability to create, re-create, and continuously expand deeper into your purpose is what drives Benjamin in his own life and guidance of others.

We all deserve to live a life of vibrant health, vitality, joy, and purpose. Are you ready to take the next steps?

About Me: About Me
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