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Creation of the Internal Landscape

“The mind is a powerful servant but a terrible master.” – Asian Proverb, Origin Unknown

We have the ability to create- infinitely. To utilize our powers of perceptions to mold entire worlds. In fact, we are doing it every moment of every day- in the subtle (or not so subtle) creation of our own internal world and the landscapes that we let our minds wander through.

The topography of that space, down to the coloring, shading, brightness, and contrast is ours alone to dictate.

Through the experiences we are drawn through, circumstances we encounter, memories we build, and psychoemotional language and labeling we ascribe to those events, we develop our unique dispositions.

And then we rehearse them.

Whichever or whatever particular pattern or position felt “of most ease” in those moments that stuck out to us or pricked our identity of “self” often becomes our way of viewing the world outside of ourselves, and is reflected back to ourselves internally.

We all desire to be safe. To be nourished. To be held and able to express our unique nature fully. To share our gifts with the world and be received.

Developing in culture creates disparities in this natural birthright; rifts and rends to our innate innocence that we build defenses around.

When there has been an offense, our ego-mind kicks into high gear to create safety through routines and modes of conduct that utilize “least amount of risk;” familiar events are predictable and give the illusion of “normalcy.”

These structures feel comfortable. They are our shield from chaos; turbulence outside and within ourselves.

These patterns serve as welcomed assuagements from the perpetual change that is BEING IN EXISTENCE as the human you are. At a certain point, however, we reach impasses in our self-prescribed dosing of soothing patterns (whatever those structures may be).

To be well we must be able to return to ourselves. To see our self through the eyes of innocent nature.

To shed the shackles of comfort and embrace the wheels of change; progressing self towards potentiating to our highest expression requires the deepest streams of strength and vast wells of surrender.

Summoning our inner warriors, to slay the subjugating self-beliefs of unworthiness, our magicians to alchemize pain into power, our lover to hold us tenderly as our inner queens and kings develop a benevolent empire of impassioned-living.

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