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Settling in to Softness: The Art of a Warrior's Self-Love

Am I still good if I can not keep trying to be perfect?

Can I still be loved if I have a belly?

Am I still valuable if I am less fit?

Am I still a Warrior if I’m not always at war?

Can I still be strong If I have a bit of softness?

Can I still be powerful If I am not alway pushing?

Will I still be loved and accepted?

The Grace of God does not see flawed and blemished works of art.

Those that SEE you do not observe your self-image.

Can we lay down the sword of self-judgement long enough to look in the mirror and see the child we are wounding?

Our worthiness is not predicated on our ideal pursuit of perfection. Our “good enough-ness” is delivered to us by being in the greatest harmony with ourselves, IN our selves, AS our truest self.

The discovery of self through a cultured-lens is often a painstaking trial of distorted images and perceived (and internalized) false narratives that narrow our understanding, depth, and breadth of the beauty that radiates within us- Our Spirit calling to be set forth in unbridled displays of art, creation, powerful-expression, kindness, and empathy.

We unintentionally bottle it up; binding tightly a piece of God within- sealed so well that we spend years of our lives running patterns above and around this guide to the constellation of stars within us.

But there is always a faint call being spoken to us. If we can get quiet, get subtle enough, we can hear it. That whispering of the soul, like wind through the trees, calling us to open the door to our hearts and allow our love to be TRULY felt, heard, seen, touched, embraced in its wholeness and lived through us each day- as often as we can.

Sometimes the call to action is abrupt. A shattering of the illusion of how we defined our reality. The moment of our perpetual future disposition stolen by an egregious error in the programming of what we were calling “life!”

Shaken from our dream we awaken to a reality that the space we were in, so far out of touch from the place of our heart’s-desire, was a nightmare being half-lived with plodding steps and muted emotions.

Our lives are to be lived rich and full of color. Our moments filled with deep attention and enthusiasm.

The image we hold of ourselves can be one of tenderness, passion, deep admiration, and love.

Your life is sacred and beyond anyone’s clouded view of “who you are,” or “how you should be,” including your own.

We hear the whisper, we honor the moment.

Right now we allow this space for grace to open us into US.

Right now we put down the sword and allow a shelter to be made, we create a safe space to arrive Home.

Our lives depend on us living fully. Here. Now.

Are you listening to the whispers?

Will you answer the call?

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