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The Space Between

What do we do during that space between one great event and another? Maybe it’s large- the closing of one chapter and the entrance into another. Maybe it’s small, like getting side-lined with a seasonal cold and having your “perfect routine'' broken up for a few days or longer.

Until my mid-twenties I lamented that liminal space. [That current space we’ve all been experiencing Globally]. It felt like a rude universal interruption into my grand plan; daily designs that I thought (long and hard) would lead me to the places of great success, joy, money, relationship, happiness… I would subtly thrash about in my restlessness, half-assedly attempting to follow my old routines and ways of doing things. It was always uncomfortable, not satisfying, and made me lament the future possibility of that “space between.”

X amount of months later I would be greeted with another opportunity (for that’s what it is) of that space between to really take a step back and look at what was going on in my life, the patterns, the people, the perceived levels of success, independence, happiness, etc. If I had spent the cycle before in that space of lamentation, usually that interstitial space presented similar sensations and ways of feeling “how it was going...” HOWEVER, If I really ALLOWED (big key word here) myself the grace to STOP (stop, take a breath, observe, proceed), then that Universal interruption could be seen for what it was! An interruption by the Universe to re-examine the goings-on in my life, to examine the places I was moving too fast to look at and too narrowly focused to realize weren’t taking me where I wanted to go.

WOAH. Wild, dude.

The space between then opens up into a space for exploration. If you’ve been feeling some kind of way, some spiritual “itchiness” that you haven’t allowed yourself the hand to scratch, all of a sudden you're given a big ol’ moment to “get after it, buddy.”

The space for exploration becomes a space of incubation, where back-burnered dreams evolve and take shape into future realities and actionable plans; that space of lamentation transformed into a space of celebration.

Love the space between, because it is a moment gifted to you to create the future you desire.

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